Exhibitions. Photo of Laura Meddens standing in the doorway of the Carriage House on the Parc Broekhuizen Estate is pictured against a backdrop of the Parc Broekhuizen Boutique Hotel with an overlay of some of Laura's paintings.


Laura Meddens has three virtual exhibitions in-progress in partnership with kunstmatrix.de . From the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, you can take a walk through exhibitions of Laura’s original paintings, her SEESCAPES series of mega sized Masterprints being produced in partnership with WhiteWall.com, and a third showing the proportion of the prints in different spaces.

And you can watch a video of the process involved at these links:



We’re always adding new works so visit often. Details on sizing and prices are coming soon. We hope you enjoy your tours of the exhibitions below.

BEZIELING. The Inspired Art Within Laura Meddens. 05 February 2020 to 27 March 2020. Parc Broekhuizen. A montage of Laura's paintings flanks the main house at Parc Broekhuizen overlaying a photo of the estate from the view of the rear pond.



05 februari – 27 maart 2020

Als je vanaf een afstand naar de semi-abstracte schilderijen van Laura Meddens kijkt, en langzaam dichterbij komt, lijkt het alsof je in een andere dimensie stapt van kleuren, vormen en schaduwen. Soms denk je gezichten te zien, een andere keer dieren of planeten. Niets maakt haar gelukkiger dan van mensen te horen dat ze, wanneer ze haar schilderijen aandachtig bekijken, visuele ontdekkingen doen die heel persoonlijk zijn, en soms worden gedeeld met anderen.

Maar er is één ding waar iedereen zich over verbaast: dat de kunstenaar blind is.

Voor Laura Meddens is dat wat op het doek komt een momentopname van bijzondere beelden die ze waarneemt met de ogen van haar hart en haar ziel. Daarbij wordt ze gevoed door de energie van de natuur en van mensen uit haar omgeving. Bezieling – dat is het Nederlandse woord dat ze hier graag voor gebruikt.

Bezieling – dat is tevens de naam van haar aankomende tentoonstelling, van 5 februari tot 27 maart 2020 op een historische plaats, het koetshuis van Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum op de Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Het al in 1408 aangelegde landgoed Parc Broekhuizen is voor Laura een bijzondere plek. Als jong meisje heeft ze veel geschaatst op de bevroren vijver van het pittoreske kasteel, dat in 1967 een rijksmonument is geworden.

Gedurende de tentoonstelling heeft u de mogelijkheid Laura te ontmoeten, en haar schilderijen te bekijken.

Downloadbare foto’s voor de media via deze link



05 FEB – 27 MAR 2020

When you stand at a distance in front of one of the abstract paintings by Laura Meddens and slowly move closer, it’s a bit like stepping into a deeper dimension of colors, shapes and textures.

Sometimes you think you see faces, other times animals, or planets. Nothing makes Laura happier than hearing from people who make shared and individual discoveries because many perceptions resonate with something personal in their own lives.

But the one thing they all share is astonishment when they find out that the artist is blind, and cannot see her own finished works.

For Laura Meddens, the canvas is like a freeze-frame of the remarkable visualizations she ‘sees’ in her ‘mind’s eye’ that come from her heart and soul, fueled by the energies of people around her.

The Dutch word that best describes it is ‘bezieling’ for which there is no simple English translation. But she has chosen it as the title for her upcoming exhibition from 05 February through 27 March in the Carriage Hall at historic country-estate-turned Boutique Hotel Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum.

For Laura, it has special significance, because in her archive of visual memories, she remembers skating as a young girl on the frozen pond behind what was then known as the National Institute for Nature Management on an estate dating back to 1408, and which was declared a National Monument in 1967.

Among her abstract acrylic works, visitors can see ‘Tango”, Laura’s first completed painting in which people see a couple dancing, a collection of faces and other imagery as they study it from near and afar.

You’ll wonder how a blind artist could achieve the soft illumination that appears from one direction, defying time and genre.

Is it coincidence, ‘blind luck’, or is it a greater power at work? Laura lost her vision in 2007, and some years later she began to experience vibrant visualizations which seemed to be inspired by the energy she felt and colors she ‘saw’ around people, and decided to start painting again to try and capture these images on canvas for others to see.

There are other painters, blind and sighted who associate sounds and music with colors in a condition known as synesthesia in which the brain activates unusual sensory responses to stimuli. Dutch Master Vincent van Gogh was believed to have had a form of it called chromesthesia.

Laura feels her inspiration comes from within from her heart and soul and usually contains some form of a candle and other shapes and colors illuminated by the energies of people around her.

If you missed the Opening Reception, you still have plenty of time to explore the exhibition at your convenience. It’s open daily, and if you drop by on Sundays and Tuesdays from 12 Noon onwards, you can meet Laura and she will give you a personal tour of the exhibition.

While there, you can also enquire about purchasing a painting, or via email at info@LauraMeddens.com, via our Contact page, or by calling +31 (0) 6 1 46 96 853.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Laura wishes to thank her family and friends, as well as Anita Bos, Director of Hotel Parc Broekhuizen and her incredible staff, as well the many people in the media who have all supported this effort. A more specific list of thanks will be published soon.

You can learn more about the exhibition in the audio below from Laura’s interview on Radio M Utrecht along with Parc Broekhuizen General Manager Anita Bos and Laura’s friend Helen Papa Hoitsma, Senior Project Manager at The Ditmeijer Group.

Laura wishes to thank Conny Kraaijeveld for the opportunity to be part of her lunchtime program along with roving reporter Robert Jan Booij.


Photo of the Carriage Hall at Hotel Park Broekhuizen, the former stables of the estate.
The Carriage Hall at Hotel Parc Broekhuizen where the exhibition of Laura's works takes place. Photo: Parc Broekhuizen
Blind painter Laura Meddens sits at a round table in Restaurant Voltaire with a view of the pond where she skated as a child in the winter.
Laura Meddens sits by a window in Michelin Starred Restaurant Voltaire in Hotel Parc Broekhuizen overlooking the pond where she skated as a young girl in the winter. Photo: Helen Papa.
Photo from Nieuwsblad De Kaap shows people skating on the pond behind Hotel Parc Broekhuizen.
Photo by Edith Hazelzet of people skating on the pond behind Hotel Parc Broekhuizen in the winter of 2018 from Nieuwsblad De Kaap.

Previous Exhibitions. Black and white photo shows Laura Meddens standing in the middle of the historic Amstelkerk in Amsterdam with a few of her paintings shown in color on the walls behind her.


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Photo of Laura Meddens standing in front of a historical ink drawing of the Amstelkerk. Text reads: The Art Of Laura Meddens. Solo exhibition at the historic Amstelkerk. 23 NOvember 2017 - 3 January 2018 Amsterdam.
Laura Meddens Exhibition at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam until January 3rd, 2018.