Botanical Surge

Laura's painting Botanical Surge is set against a blurred background of her main logo banner. It's a vertical orientation with a vibrant splash of red and purple in the middle with accompanying green leaves and white flowers set against a light blue background.

Botanical Surge

© 2016 Acrylic on canvas | 47.2″ x 35.4″ | 120 cm x 90 cm

This painting started out as something else and then became too dominated by black paint, which felt symbolic of the negative energy of fear and anger that had been sweeping across the Netherlands and other countries in the European Union like a dark cloud in the wake of increasing terror attacks, and the negative impact it was also having on the tragic plight of families being forced to flee their homes in Syria because of the terror there.

Yet, outside I could feel it was a warm sunny day and flowers were blooming. I got an energy flow that convinced me that the best thing to do to stand-up to all this darkness was to not let it take all the color out of our lives.

It was like a powerful surge of hope and belief that our basic human emotion of love could still prevail, and would only prevail, if we continued to fill our lives with even more vibrant colour and not give in to the darkness and hate.

Laura Meddens

Botainical Surge by Laura Meddens full-frame.