The Artist. Image: Photo of Laura working on a painting on her easel.
The Art. Panel contains a collage of Laura's paintings with "Tango" in the middle.
The Archive. Photo of Laura Meddens and her dog Nugget in long grass with trees and fog in the background.
Blog. Image: Laura walks with her Seeing Eye Guide Dog Nugget on a street towards a sunset framed by trees.
Exhibitions. Image: Photo of painter Laura Meddens standing with her Seeing Eye guide dog Nugget in the center of her exhibition at the historic Amstelkerk in Amsterdam.
Limited Editions. Image shows a close-up of a portion of Tango scanned for a Limited Edition of Certified Art Giclée Prints.
Media. Black and white photo of Laura Meddens addressing the attendees at her exhibition at the Amstelkerk in Amsterdam with one of her works blurred and colored in the background.
Video. Image: Video frame of Laura reaching out and touching her painting "Tropical Splash" .

Welcome to The Art of Laura Meddens

Laura Meddens is a blind painter in Amsterdam who may have lost her sight, but never her ‘vision’. If you’ve watched ‘The Art Within‘ video at the top of this page, you’ll know that the inspiration for the incredible visualizations Laura sees in her ‘mind’s eye’, come through her heart and soul, and that is what she tries to capture on canvas before they fade away.

People all over the world are amazed by her works, often discovering a variety of visual treasures as they zoom in and out from various focal points. We hope you’ll visit often as we work through our ongoing scanning project to bring all of Laura’s works into her online gallery.

And we invite you to learn more below about the awareness/fundraising campaign based on Laura’s painting “AMAZON SORROW” in which all net proceeds from the sale of commemorative items based on the painting will go to support the indigenous people of the rainforest through work of  and

And just below that, we invite you to learn more about, and attend Laura’s upcoming exhibition “TANGO AT THE PARC” at Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, NL from the 2nd of February through the 31st of March, 2020.

Amazon Sorrow. Blind Artist Laura Meddens is donating all profits from the sales of commemorative items of this work to in support of their efforts to help the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest. Images: Posers, notebook, phone cover of Amazon Sorrow plus social media photo of Laura holding one hand over her left eye in the same way people see an Amazon tribal chief covering one eye because he can't bear to look at the destruction of the rainforest.


The recent headlines about more than 80,000 fires burning in the Amazon rainforest this year inspired Laura to authorize some commemorative items from her painting “AMAZON SORROW” for sale with all net profits to benefit and their work helping indigenous communities in the heart of the rainforest. Learn more about how you can be a part of this social media campaign that launched on the 14th of October, 2019 – Indigenous People’s Day – on the Amazon Sorrow page.

Blind artist Laura Meddens shares "Amazon Sorrow" with Delegration. | | Image: Photo of Laura Meddens presenting Sonia Guajajara of the APIB Indigenous Leaders campaign across Europe with a copy of the Amazon Sorrow poster wrapped in plastic as both stand in the rain on Amsterdam's Dam Square.


In the photo above, on a very rainy day during their stop in Amsterdam on a tour throughout Europe, Laura presents a copy of the commemorative poster of Amazon Sorrow to Sonia Guajajara and the leaders of the APIB collective of indigenous organizations in Brazil.  Read more about it on our Amazon Sorrow page.

Amazon Sorrow poster in support of
A face starts to appear in the Amazon Sorrow poster.
The face of an Amazon tribal leader is now visible in the painting.
The face of Yube Huni Kuin wearing tribal headdress is now completely visible as part of the painting..
Tango at the Parc. Laura Meddens painting Tango , and the logos for Parc Broekhiuzen and Laura Meddens flank a photo of boutique hotel Parc Broekhuizen at sunset promoting her exhibition there from the 2nd of February 2020 to the 31st of March 2020.


The Carriage Hall on the estate of Boutique Hotel Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, NL will be the setting for the next exhibition of paintings by Laura Meddens, from the 2nd of February through the 31st of March, 2020.

Twitch.TV Personality MoseMajorMC and friends have have launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of materials, staging logistics, transportation and promotional efforts:

Imagine for a moment if you woke up tomorrow and couldn’t see. What will you do? Where will you go? How will you survive? In the case of Laura Meddens, the way forward comes from within.

After losing her sight in 2007, Laura struggled with many of the same issues faced by other people who, as adults, lose their sense of sight. She was even denied a disability benefit because of a badly outdated and arbitrary Dutch law. Eight years later, she began to experience vivid visualizations in ‘her mind’s eye’ that she feels come from her heart and soul. Laura has always possessed intuitive and remarkably sensory perceptual abilities, and she decided to try and capture these extraordinary images on canvas for others to see, and is now attempting to make a self-sustainable career out of her natural gift. But laying the foundation for that, and getting your work known, is often an unaffordable challenge for many aspiring artists, regardless of whether or not they can see.

So, it is with the purpose of making that challenge more equitable that friends of Laura are mounting this campaign. We hope you will join her community of supporters by making a donation and helping Laura to share the love and humanity that she feels her paintings express in a world that sometimes feels as though those qualities have been bullied into hiding. Thank you so much, in advance, to those who choose to contribute at: https://www.gofundme/f/laura-meddens

Tango Atg The Parc. Laura Meddens. Help A Blind Painter Exhibit Her Vision. https: . Parc Broekhuizen, Leersum, NL. Image: A photo of the painting "Tango" by Laura Meddens is superimposed against a photo of the Parc broekhuizen Boutique hotel in Leersum in the Netherlands.
Tango. Contemporary Abstract in a Classical form. Limited Edition Certified Art Giclee Prints 120 cm by 90 cm | 47.2 inches by 35.4 inches wide. Limited Corporate Special Edition 240 cm by 180 cm | 7.87 feet by 5.91 ft wide. Image shows a white framed TANGO which many people feel represents two people dancing a tango.

Limited Edition Art Giclée Prints

We have added a new section that will inform you about the upcoming opportunity to purchase limited-edition, museum-quality prints of selected works from Laura’s personal collection.

More Works

We’ve also placed a temporary collection of previews below of Laura’s more recent works that we are in the process of reformatting to add to The Art Collection page. Click on the image to open it in a larger window. Enquire about a painting here.

“Changing Perspectives” Feature Article

During our transition, we hope you’ll enjoy the Feature Article “Changing Perspectives” which examines the varying shapes and textures that people have discovered when viewing Laura’s works from different distances, angles and in different light. We’ll be moving it to the Blog page as our update and upgrade continues.

Featured Videos

And following the article, you’re welcome to view two previews from our Video section that will provide you with more information about Laura Meddens and her painting.

Thank you again for your patience as we improve our site for your viewing pleasure.


Tiger Moon.
Elsewhere. 4 piece work.
Blossom. White flower shapes with intricate black and gold markings on a red background.
Major Tom. This is the horizontal perspective of "Extreme Obligations". Some people see an astronaut with a helmet on sitting on an asteroid out in the blackness of space with shades of blue and white making up the asteroid.
New Scenes
Red Storm
A Bridge To Yonder
New painting Balance which shows tringulated forms of green and white on one canvas intersection with yellow forms from a second canvas.
New work Blue Angel shows a blue form with multiple colors near the bottom in front of a pink background with tactile lines forming what appear to be wings.
The painting Guirlande by Laura Meddens.
Geisha looks like an silk fabric tapestry from the Far East with delicate branches with golden buds set against a red background.
Indian Summer features vibrant swoops and swirls of paint with orange and ivory and white flanking a diagonal section of violet and blue flowers.
Look Twice features tactile lines of paint outlines in which people see many faces, set against a white background.
Terra Nova looks like the Earth as though it was landing in the middle of an ocean somewhere.
Tranquility looks like a favorite part of a backyard garden with multiple colors of flowers and foliage.


We’re updating and will soon repost our video exploration of what some observers see in the contemporary abstract paintings of Laura Meddens when viewed from changing perspectives. This is not meant to lead your own interpretations or conclusions, but merely to illustrate the remarkable hidden gems that emerge from Laura’s works when viewed from varying points of focus, lighting and perspectives. Let us know at our Facebook page what discoveries you make!

Close-up of the painting Major Tom by Laura Meddens.

Fleeting Moments

Although these works were captured in fleeting moments in my mind’s eye, I invite you to linger over them to discover different shapes and textures that become apparent from different angles and in different light.

While I may have painted and named a work like Extreme Obligations in a vertical portrait format, a friend told me that if you view it in a horizontal landscape position, it could be called Major Tom, after the character in David Bowie’s Space Oddity, because of the tiny helmeted figure of a spaceman that can be seen stranded on an asteroid in space.

Similar descriptions from a variety of people on my works lead me to invite you to view them from afar, up-close and from different perspectives.

Some people see in the painting Metamorphosis the cross-legged figure of Siddhartha, the birth name of the founder of Buddhism, and the title character in the novel by Herman Hesse.

Vluchtige Momenten

Hoewel deze werken op vluchtige momenten in mijn verbeelding werden vastgelegd, nodig ik je uit er langer bij stil te staan om de verschillende vormen en texturen te ontdekken die vanuit verschillende invalshoeken en in ander licht naar voren komen.

Een werk als Extreme Obligations heb ik in staand portretformaat geschilderd en de titel gegeven, maar een vriend vertelde mij dat als je het in de liggende positie van een landschap bekijkt, het ook wel Major Tom zou kunnen heten, naar het personage in Space Oddity van David Bowie, omdat het een kleine gehelmde figuur van een ruimtevaarder is die op een asteroïde in de ruimte is gestrand.

Ik nodig je uit om mijn werken van veraf, dichtbij en vanuit diverse invalshoeken te bekijken.

Sommigen zien in het schilderij Metamorphosis de kleermakerszit van Siddhartha, de geboortenaam van de grondlegger van het boeddhisme, en het titelpersonage in de roman van Herman Hesse.

Metamorphosis by Laura Meddens.
Cover of the book Siddhartha by Hermaan Hesse is set against the painting Metamorphosis by Laura Meddens.
Image of Siddhartha superimposed on the painting Metamorphosis.

Others see in Amazon Sorrow the sad eye of a tribal chieftain wearing his colorful headdress as he covers his left eye with his hand, perhaps mourning the loss of more Amazon rainforest.

While I can’t see the results of my work on these paintings, I can tell you what I saw in my mind’s eye as these incredible visualizations unfolded. But that will be for when I meet you at an exhibition or in a publication, or TV program.

In the meantime, please view them with an open mind and without any expectations, and see what interpretations unfold in your mind’s eye.

I hope you enjoy them.

Anderen zien in Amazon Sorrow het droevige oog van een stamhoofd dat zijn kleurrijke hoofdtooi draagt, wellicht treurend om het verlies van nog meer regenwoud in het Amazonegebied.

Hoewel ik de resultaten van mijn werk aan deze schilderijen niet kan zien, kan ik je wel vertellen wat ik in mijn gedachten zag toen deze ongelooflijke visualisaties zich ontvouwden. Maar dat bewaar ik voor als ik je op een tentoonstelling ontmoet of voor een andere publicatie.

Bekijk ze ondertussen met een open blik en zonder verwachtingen, en zie welke interpretaties zich in jouw verbeelding ontvouwen.

Ik hoop dat je ze leuk vindt.

Wide closeup of Amazon Sorrow painting where you can really see the 'eye' of the tribal chieftain.


Laura Meddens was born on the island of Curaçao, and grew-up in England and the Netherlands. The two introductory videos below are in English and Dutch with English sub-titles. You can view them in a larger size, and also see more videos on our Video page.

Photo of Laura Meddens and her Seeing Eye guide dog Nugget walking into the sunset.

“I cannot see what I’m painting but do know what I want to express.”

“Ik kan niet zien wat ik schilder maar weet wel wat ik wil uitdrukken.”

Laura Meddens