The Art

The Art. A Circular section of Laura's painting "Celebration" is set against a montage of other paintings.

The Art Of Laura Meddens

We are in the process of updating the website and adding more recent works and their descriptions. In the meantime, you can click on any frame to open the image in a larger window. More details coming soon. Enquire about a painting here.

Amazon Sorrow. People have said they see the image of a tribal chieftain bedecked in colorful orange and yellow gold plumage raising his left arm and hand to cover one eye as he looks directly at the viewer with his right eye.
Elsewhere. 4 piece work.
Blossom. White flower shapes with intricate black and gold markings on a red background.
Major Tom. This is the horizontal perspective of "Extreme Obligations". Some people see an astronaut with a helmet on sitting on an asteroid out in the blackness of space with shades of blue and white making up the asteroid.
New Scenes
Red Storm
A Bridge To Yonder
The Green One
Sneaky Dragon
Creme Brulee
Wild Canaries
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Tiger Moon.
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Four by Laura Meddens.
Mother Nature by Laura Meddens.
Forward Leap by Laura Meddens.
MAELSTROM by Laura Meddens
Chorus of Love is a portrait formatted abstract. Many people see a choir along the bottom with their voices creating a swirling ball various shapes and colors above them.
ENDURANCE - Laura Meddens
Barbour is titled for what most people see in it. Blue pier posts with swirls of white and off white swirls of birds against a black portrait formatted canvas.
Celestial Avalance is a portrait oriented abstract that people see a white blur of snow falling down a mountain with white-covered objects hurled into a deep blue sky with either the sea or a lake at the bottom.
Escape is a stark portrait oriented abstract where some people see a metaphorical red sky with stark white images of two people along a seaside on the bottom.
Wagner is a portrait oriented abstract of the side of a hill with flowers and all sorts of colors floating in the air. Some people see the golden-hued image of Laura's former guide dog Wagner in the top right corner with one eye visible.
Faux Faith sees several layers in this portrait oriented abstract. Many people see the inside of a cathedral with a choir in an upper loft and a group of people - possibly Cardinals down below with stained glass to the right.
Change is a portrait oriented abstract of black, yellow and gold on a green background. Some people see the left side of someone's face looking back at them.
Origin is landscape size and was the first painting Laura did. Some people think they see birds carrying a red ribbon across a sky with some tree branches attached.
Icarus Sunrise was named after the fable in Greek mythology who flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings. Some people see an iteration of Icarus in the foreground black imagery that evokes wings spread in flight as the figure heads towards a deep orange sunrise along the side of a green mountain.
Heart of the Ocean is a landscape orientation abstract depicting a swirl of undersea life complete with bubbles and what some people see as a heart resting on the bottom.
VisionEssence is a landscape orientation abstract that different people see different things in. One person thought it looked like people on a Hollywood sound stage for a Busby Berkley musical. What do you think.
The Eye of the Beholder is a landscape orientation of what the title infers.
CHAOS os named for the many layers of colors and images representative of what's going on in the world today in a landscape orientation.
Perceptual Reflections is a landscape oriented abstract that many people say looks down from the top of a cliff into an ocean inlet.
Papa is named for Laura's father and is a landscape orientation of a visualization of red , gold, silver and black shapes on a cream colored background.